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Quality Management Statement 

Just Solutions was established in 2007 to provide business consultancy services to the public, commercial and third sectors. Just Solutions is a Wales and UK consultancy. Just Solutions is a sole trader which engages self-employed, associate consultants, as appropriate. 

Just Solutions value their customers/clients, so quality is important to Just Solutions' business. Securing successful outcomes, a positive reputation and, where possible, repeat business, is fundamental to the success of the company.

Just Solutions always strives to provide customers/clients with services which meet and, where possible, exceed their expectations.

Invariably, in any commission, a flexible approach is required. There needs to be an 'open mind' throughout, as evidence comes to light, key information is uncovered and stakeholder views and plans are shared.

Just Solutions will respond to emerging needs, issues and opportunities, to ensure that there is a satisfactory outcome for the client. They work with the client to refine and adapt their approach as necessary. 

Just Solutions is committed to continuous improvement and has established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving performance. This system has worked well throughout Just Solutions' time in business. 

Just Solutions has the following systems and procedures in place to support their aim of total customer/client satisfaction, resulting in the continuous improvement of Just Solutions' business:


  • Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback – Just Solutions publishes client testimonials on its website. 

  • A customer complaints procedure – Just Solutions responds to any complaints within 24 hours.

  • Selection and performance monitoring of associates against set criteria – Just Solutions applies Associate Terms. 

  • Training and development - Just Solutions provides ongoing mentoring and supports attendance of professional training and seminars.

  • Regular audits of internal processes – Just Solutions sets weekly service targets and reviews work and achievement of targets on a weekly basis.

  • Measurable quality objectives which reflect Just Solutions' business aims – Just Solutions delivers work to agreed timescales and never walks away from a contract until the client is satisfied with the outcome.

  • Management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints – The Just Solutions Owner takes personal responsibility for all contracts, targets, customer feedback and complaints.

Just Solutions procedures are reviewed regularly and are made available to all associates.

Although the Just Solutions Owner has ultimate responsibility for quality, all associates have responsibility for their own areas of work, thereby helping to ensure that quality is embedded in all of the activity undertaken by Just Solutions.

Howard Tolley (Just Solutions Owner)
September 2007 (Reviewed Annually)

Next Policy Review Date - September 2020

[1] Just Solutions Consultancy Services include: Feasibilities, Evaluations, Strategic Reviews, Business Cases and Plans, Funding Applications, Design Briefs and Employers Requirements, Client Representative and Project Management Services

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