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End of Leisure Strategy Review & 10 Year Strategic Plan

Denbighshire County Council, Denbighshire Leisure Ltd

Just Solutions have been working with Jamie Groves (Managing Director of Denbighshire Leisure Ltd) and Denbighshire County Council for over a decade. Our most recent collaborations have been an end of strategy review for the years 2011-2020, and a 10 year strategic plan for the coming decade.

Line drawing of the Rhyl Pavilion building. It is a large rectangular building with 'theatr y pafiliwn' written on the front and 'Bar+ 1891' on the side

Building on Expertise  

Just Solutions have been working with Jamie Groves since he took over as Head of Leisure for Denbighshire County Council some 10 years ago.

Throughout this time, we have supported Jamie in developing a first-class leisure service, understanding client needs, building mutual respect and a positive relationship. We have also developed our understanding of the area, gaining a nuanced insight into the specific needs and goals of the service and local authority. 


End of Strategy Review: 2011-2020

Building on our existing knowledge of the leisure offer in the area, Denbighshire County Council commissioned Just Solutions to undertake a review of the 2011 strategy and its impact.

This was an independent review, relying on extensive documentary evidence, data analysis and wide-ranging interviews. With reference to the initial aims of the strategy, as well as the findings of a 2008 Wales Audit Office report, we identified a significant improvement in the leisure facilities, participation and satisfaction rates.

A photograph of slides going down into a pool in a leisure centre

We also established a framework for developing their next strategy, based around creating a cohesive vision for Denbighshire's leisure offer as a whole. 

10 Year Strategic Plan: 2020-2030 

Following on from our review of the 2011 strategy, we were contracted to develop a new 10-year strategic plan for the future. One of the key differences to the previous strategy was the creation of Denbighshire Leisure Ltd - a non-profit distributing company owned by Denbighshire County Council.

The plan therefore needed to maximise the potential of this new organisational structure, as well as delivering on the priorities of relevant organisations such as Denbighshire County Council, the Arts Council of Wales and Sport Wales. 

Our prior experience working with Denbighshire County Council enabled us to deliver an ambitious but realistic plan, tailored to the distinctive communities of the service area. The headline outcomes proposed were to improve health and wellbeing, create stronger and more prosperous communities, and to secure a successful and sustainable business in Denbighshire Leisure Ltd.

A photograph of treadmills and cycling machines in a gym
A photograph of the inside of a restaurant at night looking out over the beach

We have moved forward as a result

Denbighshire County Council have repeatedly engaged Just Solutions, since 2009, because of their in-depth knowledge of the area and ability to connect business needs with the ‘all-Wales scene’. Their experience and consistently high quality of work, together with ‘overnight’ responsiveness, simply delivers a unique, as well as excellent value for money service.

There is no doubt Just Solutions have significantly helped the County Council tackle a wide range of business challenges, by providing empathetic extra capacity, experience and knowledge.

Just Solutions have helped us modernise our service approach, across many areas of activity, challenging our own ‘historical’ thinking – we have moved forward as a result.

- Head of Facilities, Assets and Housing

Denbighshire County Council

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