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Clubhouse Business Plan & Funding Support

St Asaph Cricket Club

After the floods of 2012 devastated St Asaph Cricket Club and destroyed their pavilion, Just Solutions were contracted to create a vision and business case for the construction of a new clubhouse. Through this work and subsequent funding application support, the club secured over £350,000 in external funding and were able to rebuild this crucial facility.

A Line drawing of the St Asaph Cricket Club pavilion with trees behind it

A Key Player in the Community 

At over 150 years old, St Asaph Cricket Club is a well established ECB Premier League club. It plays a key role in the local community, developing juniors in nearby schools, qualifying coaches and providing a hub for meetings and functions in the former pavilion.

A photograph of the St Asaph Cricket Club pavilion from the side

The club's significance is further recognised and supported by a wide range of local businesses acting as sponsors. 

Threat to the Club's Survival

In 2012, the severe flooding experienced across the UK destroyed the club's pavilion, as well as seriously damaging the newly constructed practice facility and most of their junior equipment. 

With the help of painstaking work by volunteer groundsmen and club members, the club were able to restore the grounds to be ready for play the following season. However, as a small club relying heavily on volunteer work and self-financing expensive equipment and maintenance, it was well beyond the club's means to finance the rebuild of a new pavilion.​

This posed a great threat to the survival of the club - without a clubhouse, they would be unable to operate, losing their ECB Premier League status and a vital source of income. 

Over £350,000 Raised 

Just Solutions helped St Asaph Cricket Club overcome this critical challenge to the club's survival through advice, visioning and funding support.


We investigated the various options for the rebuild as well as possible funding sources with the club, and put together a detailed vision and business case for the new development.

We then supported the club throughout the funding application process, ultimately raising over £350,000 for the new clubhouse. Funding sources included the ECB Emergency Fund, Sport Wales and Denbighshire County Council. 

With this money St Asaph Cricket Club were able to rebuild their pavilion (pictured below and right), restoring a key feature of the club and wider community.

A photograph of St Asaph Cricket Club pavilion across a playing field
A photograph of St Asaph Cricket Club pavilion from the front across a grass playing field
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