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New Strategy for Denbighshire Leisure Ltd

Denbighshire Leisure Ltd (DLL) is Denbighshire County Borough Council’s new leisure trading company, which commenced operation in 2019.

We have been contracted to prepare a new strategy for DLL, following a postponement of any strategy preparation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. DLL have already prepared a company business plan, so this strategy will be the final piece in their published company narrative.

The strategy will extend over a ten-year period, laying out DLL’s company values, role, business mission and direction. The document will be vital in helping a variety of stakeholders, such as clients, partners and the public, to understand the current and future commercial direction of the business.

In 2019, we completed the Denbighshire Leisure Strategy review, after which the new DLL came into being. Despite the many challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, DLL has been reopening a new look business and experiencing exceptional growth.

The only downside of this impressive progress is the lack of capacity to take on future planning initiatives, such as long-term company strategy preparation. Understandably, the business focus has been on day-to-day operation and successful new launches in the midst of the busiest season of the year. Our work producing a new strategy for DLL is designed to help plug this gap in capacity.


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