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‘State of Play’ Facilities Review for the Welsh Sports Association

As part of our newly established partnership agreement with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), they have commissioned Just Solutions to conduct a ‘state of play’ facilities review in Wales.

The key aims of this review are to:

  • Inform future policy and investment plans of the Welsh Government, Sport Wales, national governing bodies, education providers and the wider industry

  • Identify the need and brief for any further research required to fill information gaps and inform pilot studies

  • Contribute to a shared understanding of the current status of facilities in Wales, as well as further debate on future plans of action.

More specifically, the review will seek to:

  • Expose current challenges as well as potential benefits or opportunities, including those related to areas that have been negatively impacted by recent closures caused by the lockdowns

  • Understand any changes in footfalls, active lifestyles, levels of physical activity and sport

  • Analyse facility improvements and their impact on people taking part more often, describing good practice

  • Identify needs and potential for innovation

  • Explore opportunities to respond to new working patterns and possible new opportunities if working from home continues to be a trend

  • Identify any potential opportunities and scope for new participation partnerships.

This work will commence in the Autumn as we begin contacting key stakeholders.


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